Bloomberg is at it again, Instead of POP it’s Pop-GUNS!!!

Posted on December 18, 2012


Another IDIOT! Politician’s always trying to MILK that Cow.

The Daily Beast would not accept my comment… Too Bad! People hate those the speak the Truth!

I guess Bloomberg has gone from the “Beverage Gestapo SS”  to now head of Fatherland Security? People fail to remember history. Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said, “Japan couldn’t attack the American Mainland as there would be a Rifle behind every blade of grass.

People in America forget that the Armed “Hunters Alone” make up over 15,000,000 million Americans. Truly the WORLDS largest standing FREE ARMY Today and that is just the hunters. Before jumping the “GUN”, One must remember the RECENT Plethora of  Executive Orders signed by “Our Dear Leader” (Sounds kind of N. Korean don’t it?) put in place by the Obama Administration.

He uses these as there might… Just might be a few in Congress that still own their own testicles as others have leased theirs out to Israel.  So Obama puts in place these SUDDEN EO’s and then Gomer Pyle.. Surprise Surprise Surprise…  Sudden there is a JUMP in Domestic Crimes featuring of all things… GUNS.

The Media remains SILENT on all these Executive Orders, That is called (Aiding and Abetting) Much like how the Media sold the Iraq war on LIES!  Recent Purchases from the (Fatherland Security) of the hundreds of MILLIONS of  rounds of “Hollow Point” Ammunition’s. Why would the Social Security Office need HOLLOW POINT AMMO? Maybe a sudden flood of Wheelchair bandit’s? Elderly people with “WALKERS” and “OXYGEN” Tank’s going to take over the SSI offices? Well, at least till their oxygen lasted...

Why does the US Postal Service need Millions of rounds of hollow point Ammo? I know the MAIL must always gets through,  But I doubt the postal deliverers will have to SHOOT their way through to deliver the Junk  mail. and no one wants more bill’s. Well,  Maybe a duck would want a bill.

American’s should READ exactly WHO is getting this Ammunition and a LIGHT will suddenly COME ON! But first, Read the scope of Executive Orders  and how Obama is ready to seize all services of State, County and Local law enforcement. The DHS has the power under Martial Law to even seize LOCAL GOVERNMENT, So Bloomberg too will be out of a Job!

Those that read this know that every Website talks about the  COMING CRASH of Wall Street.  You don’t need a subscription to Gerald Celente to know the banks are failing.  Please Wake UP! You can’t spend TRILLIONS and not have to pay the fiddler at sometime.

When the Banks CRASH and they WILL. Just look at the massive Austerity now in Greece where a $30,000 income is TAXED 47%  So you only make about $15,000.  But Food prices are going through the roof everywhere.  In Zimbabwe the people are “Sifting the sand”   for gold flakes,  just to get enough to buy a loaf of bread.

  • Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

  • Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

The Massive Austerity in Spain, now France, and England. England’s banks are LINKED to US Bank’s and the LIBOR and other Scandals have all gone  UN-PUNISHED. Not one banker has been indicted but actually has received Millions in BONUS Pay.  (For A Job WELL DONE?)

Yes the Non-Federal Federal Reserves Ben Berbanke REFUSES to say WHO got WHAT TRILLIONS in Bailouts.  But! he has been “SO KIND” to Inform you,  that YOU and Your Children’s Children are going to be the ones to PAY IT BACK! not Pay it Forward, BUT PAY IT BACK. They took it and We pay it back. Awesome!

So, Create a bunch or SHOOTINGS all across the NATION and get the people to DEMAND more SECURITY by removing the GUNS that they will shortly… Shortly realize that they should have KEPT!  As Austerity hits America and you will be fighting for FOOD, GAS, SHELTER. Yes, Disarm the people so they can’t resist.

The US Government is doing all it can to PROP up the

Failing US Dollar.

What supports these Dollars? The Petro-Dollar is what supports our Dollar. We only have 2 Exports from America. WAR and $63,000,000,000 in Arms sales. When Saddam left the US Dollar and started selling his Oil n the Euro.. Too Bad.. BOOM! He was attacked. When Gaddafi started to drop the Sales of OIL in in US Dollars and was switching to the Gold Dinar… BOOM! He was attacked. What happened to Libya’s 144 Tons of Gold NATO stole?

Recently,  European countries have DEMANDED to see their Gold held by the US.  The US refused as possession is 9/10ths Ownership.  Africa can’t shoot striking gold miners fast enough and still PUMP OUT THAT GOLD.  Makes you wonder why War Criminal Hillary Clinton has been to Africa so many times lately don’t it?  Other then to watch Gaddafi who was sodomized (By Proxy) as Hillary said,  “We came we saw, He DIED!”

This is of course the same Hillary that in 2005 said the game “Grand Theft Auto” was too violent but not so violent for her HIRED Al Qaeda and Rebel’s to murder as many as they can in Syria.

What does Syria Export? Iran? oh, That’s right OIL! Those EVIL REGIMES must go.  WHY? Because they have been selling their oil to China and Russia and for??? GOLD! Another HIT on the US Dollar. In fact, this is the reasons for the wars in the entire middle east.

Oh of you only knew of all the pipe-lines that criss-cross those countries. Then now as  Iraq created a massive “POP” when they unhitched their mouth from the TIT of the USA and who is now arming themselves with Russian arms..  WHAT? 3,000 US troops sent back to Iraq.  NO!!  The Northern Kurds, Turkey, Pakistan, China and Russia.. Yep and suddenly Russia is not the Allie of the WEST anymore.  McCain will have to learn a new song other then Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran… What a Dork.

See recent news how the US is cancelling  VISAs to Russian diplomats. Russia is to counter with VISA cancellations of America diplomats. The U.S. has been Fabricating  a uprising in Syria to get Patriot Missiles closer to Russia.  Also by using  Opium and Heroin that the Taliban had all but eradicated BEFORE the Afghan war and then flood  Russia and China  in a modern day version of the  “British Heroin Wars”  then start trade wars to bottleneck their economies. What? They are already doing that? Oh…

See: YouTube (US Soldiers growing Opium and Heroin in Afghanistan) Not only are they growing it but supplying the Seed and Fertilizer too.  Then lightly slap Banks like Wells Fargo and HSBC for laundering countless Billions in Mexican Drug Cartel monies.  Haven’t you ever watched the show “CHEATERS?”

The Spouse claims the OTHER is out fucking screwing around when in fact it is them is doing the fucking screwing around! Much like the Israeli “magic show” Watch Iran while we recreate Nazi Germany in Gaza.  So they  Start a WAR on DRUGS!  Flood Mexico with Illegal arms that will make  a distraction as Heroin and Opium fly out of Afghanistan (Probably in US Drones) as the whole history of the CIA has been DRUGS.  Remember Oliver North?

Weapon’s and Drugs.  Slam Gun use at home,  Zero Tolerance on DRUGS (Cheating Spouse Syndrome)  Make it look like your TOUGH on Drugs because Your the DEALER. Then Commercialize the penal system to keep the prisons Full.

The only thing keeping the banks going is DRUGS and a PHONY Derivatives program. “Remember the Bankers using a CHAINSAW cutting through a 2.5′ stack of Banking regulations? You can’t sat this wasn’t planned. Can you?

"How Bankers Stole America, You didn't even get a Toaster out of the deal either." Damn!

“How Bankers Stole America, You didn’t even get a Toaster out of the deal either.” Damn!

Transfer all wealth back to the banks who print money that is based on…. You got it! ZIP! NADA! NOTHING!  But for show, lets print  “This is Legal Tender” on it to make it look good. 🙂   America, the land of opportunities.

Nearly HALF of American’s are on WAR RATIONS  known as Food Stamps or to greedy Congressmen as “Entitlement’s” that for those that have..  It barely gets you 3 weeks of food.  Lie about the Unemployment numbers (The REAL Unemployment) commonly known as moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Daily you hear of firms laying off into the Thousands of Employees and the CEO’s who STOLE Your Pension to pay THEIR SALARIES Not Yours.  Make sure you have Lobbyist’s  (Mob Insiders) to tell the Government your next step so they know what to do next as the wave of Millions and Millions of foreclosures is about to start again as Austerity is about to hit North America.

But of ALL things… GET THEIR GUN’S. Too many in the  States want to succeed from the Union, The Government KNOWS the Revolution is COMING. Your Police State is controlled by the Israeli’s who now train ALL Law Enforcement and Own all the Banks, behind all the NSA and the authors of the Patriot Act , NDAA, Thought Crimes,  Internet Kill Switches,  New World Order.. Yep!

They got all their people in the right positions. To soon make America look exactly like GAZA with REX-84, FEMA Camps,  Suspending the Constitution and Bill of Rights all under the coming “Martial law”  and the Bankers and Government will be out golfing sinking a hole in one while YOU are Disarmed, Starving, Haven’t a roof over your families head and they? They will fly off to where their money is in some hidden  shell accounts paying  ZERO TAXES just like all the Big Business…

They say slavery is over with. In the meantime, Commercial Christmas is near,  Has NOTHING to do with Christ Jesus so go out and BUY BUY BUY on Credit cards (Have to use them or your a Terrorist) “More Bank Charges per-uses.

Yep! even for a cup of coffee. They want to track your every buy, your Phones GPS to track and NSA to monitor you. Orwell didn’t know the half of it. You Awake yet? Oh and again, Remember the Millions of Arab’s and Muslim’s WE murder is all because We are hated for our freedom too. Right?

This is a Public Service Message.

Maj. William Martin