Posted on January 5, 2013


I sit here wondering how American’s feel, even more so the American’s who have lost their loved ones in the Military who today have been killed by the very ones the Obama Administration supports today, The same Al Qaeda who for 11 years the White House has Used as a Patsy on the War on Terror but ARM with U.S. Weapon’s. They who killed their loved ones or friends. 

This is tantamount to TREASON!

As I have written before. It is shocking to see the U.S. arming the very ones who have killed thousands of American’s who have been fighting wars that have been no threat to the United States at all.

Whether it is the Armed Mexican Drug Cartel’s who launder BILLIONS through the Wells Fargo or HSBC banks who were supplied those ARMS through the U.S. Government. The same Government who today will be trying to DISARM the American people while at the same time sending Arms to Al Qaeda and Rebels from Libya to Syria and many other countries. (see below)

Last years biggest Joke? US sends Russian arms dealer to 25 years in prison  Yes it is like the saying goes, Don’t Steal the Government hates competition.

What causes the Terrorism around the world?  Would there be such Terrorism is they couldn’t get the Arms to kill with? Let’s look at a main reason why they are able to fight and do it so well too!

The following links will show how the U.S. and current Administration sends Arms, Guns and Heavy Weapon’s to many countries around the World. Yet this massive Arming has caused tens of thousands to die from these weapons.

Then we had the Fast & Furious, Operation White Gun and Operation Castaway which sent many thousands of Arms (AK-47’s) into areas all over Mexico and into South America. (ATF gunwalking scandal) Yet now… Here at home, While Obama has Armed the World he is going after the very Arms guaranteed to American’s under out 2nd Amendment. This should not shock American’s as Obama has been trampling on our Constitution. He as a prior Constitutional Lawyer. Who else would know best of how to dismantle it?

Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013
More “Hope & Change?”

Obama_agendaObama makes passing gun control measures a priority for 2013
President Obama pledged Sunday to make gun control a top priority in his second term and vowed to put his “full weight” behind such legislation.  Congress has the lowest approval rating and rarely has gotten anything done, Yet Disarming the People of American Public will be a Priority?

Many believe with the coming Bank Failures and forced Austerity that like a tsunami has washed over many European Countries and the “rings” of the high tide are now being seen in England and since the U.S. Banks are tied at the hip of British Banks and the Scandals into the Trillions which Ben Bernanke refuses to say WHO’S ON FIRST & I DON’T KNOW IS ON 3RD BASE, The Collapse of the Almighty Dollar is coming and “Event’s were needed to make a RUN on the People’s Guns to stop any and all civil dissent.

Obama: Gun control ‘not something I will be putting off
Remember how fast slow the Investigation of Fast & Furious went and the White House blocking ever move of the Investigation?

Will Obama use executive action on guns?                                                                Obama has already pre-signed “MANY Executive Orders” to Seize things in the USA (MARTIAL LAW?).  Perhaps this was all part of the coming Agenda?  In March of 2012, Obama signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness (NDRP) executive order that declared peacetime marital law.

Our Dear Leader – OBAMA, who was Awarded the Peace Prize. A man who Arm’s the WORLD


It is a proven Fact that more people in the United States have been murdered by bare hands or by baseball bats then have been killed by Gun’s. Just like more Citizen’s have been killed on Skateboards then by Terrorist’s (You don’t see the DHS pumping $50,000,000,000 a year into Skateboard Safety do we?

Jihadists Receiving Most Arms Sent to Syrian Rebels –
REPORT: The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels

‘US to send sophisticated arms to militants in Syria – YouTube

U.S. arms to Gulf allies hint of strategy – Washington Times

Report: U.S. Routinely Sends Arms to Undemocratic Nations

Think of the number of people killed around the world with

U.S. Weapon’s, not to mention Drones!!!

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is sending the wrong signal to the government of Bahrain in proceeding with a partial sale of new arms to Manama   (Remember, This is the man who got an Award for Peace!)

US sends more arms to Georgia – Israeli media — RT

US sends more arms to Israel — RT

Obama Administration Sends Shipload Of Arms to Anti-Israel Anti-American Egyptian Regime

Why Is the U.S. Selling Billions in Weapons to Autocrats?   The export of American arms to countries around the world — even those actively repressing their own citizens — is booming.

US sends 40 tons of arms to terrorist infested Somali government

Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain

 $60B U.S.-Saudi Arms Deal Sends Message to Iran

America’s hottest export: Weapons – Full version

Op-Ed: Kids starve in Yemen; U.S. sends $112 million in weapons to help

US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms – but why?

Report: U.S. Arms to Africa and the Congo War – World Policy Institute – Research Project

CIA directing arms shipments to Syria’s “rebels”

US Repeatedly Shipped Arms to Egyptian Security Forces Despite Lethal Crackdown

US sends arms to Lebanese troops as militants vow to fight to death

Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels

U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis’ Hands

US OK’d sending arms to Libya

From the Algerian newspaper El-Khabar:
“Algeria has cancelled an arms deal with big US companies valued at 3bn dollars in the second half of 2011 due to US restrictions which included cutting down the list of purchases to less than half and raising the maintenance cost which to 100m dollars per year.

Algeria to halve arms purchases from U.S., buy from Russia – paper


Botswana approached US for arms of war to fight Zimbabwe

Halt ships of shame from the USA carrying weapons to Egypt

US feels pressure to give military assistance to Chad

WikiLeaks Reveals US Twisted Ethiopia’s Arm to Invade Somalia

The Media doesn’t much report on Kuwait and Bahrain

Bahrain Civilian Protests200+ Murdered so far by US Puppet State. Still waiting for US Arms and Communications and $$ to over-throw their government.

Bahrain Civilian Protests
200+ Murdered so far by US Puppet State. Still waiting for US Arms and Communications and $$ to over-throw their government.

Kuwait Protesters number into the Thousands! Another US backed Puppet State!

Kuwait Protesters number into the Thousands! Another US backed Puppet State!

Because those countries are also USED by the United States either as a hub for all Middle East Imports or because the Navy’s 5th Fleet is hosted there. But scenes from those countries are no different then here in America as Israeli Trained US Law Enforcement BEATS U.S. Citizen’s or sprays them in their mouths with Pepper Spray while they are practicing their 1st Amendment “Right’s” to AIR THEIR GRIEVANCES with their Government and their “Right’s” to Assemble too!


As the years have gone by since 9/11/2001 we have seen more and more of the Police State coming into Power, U.S. Law Enforcement who used to “Protect and Serve” now Beats or Kills the Citizen’s. More and more it is Shoot First and ask questions later. Even busting down doors and killing the family pets because it barked.

Law Enforcement has been getting Armed by Military supplies – Drones and what was once used on the Battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan are now being used on American’s. Our founding Fathers would die again having seen what this country has become today. Adolf Hitler would be proud of  “U.S.”

Yes Obama Arm the World and Arm the Terrorist’s that is in pure violation of the NDAA and Patriot Act’s. Yet make Disarming the People/Citizen’s of the United States a Priority. 

Remember why Japan never attacked the American Mainland?

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said, 

“There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Disarming America would make a defenseless Nation – Since all our Military is off in the nether-regions fighting terrorist’s that the U.S. Government admits to have made themselves. Our causng Armed Terrorist’s to Murder tens of thousands with U.S. Weapon’s…  FAIL!