The Doctor is still in his House, But for how long?

Posted on January 5, 2013


Hello to all again,

From the desk of Major William Martin

Wars rage on and like in Libya we always find the United States “Arming Rebel’s”

That oddly always have ties to the Al Qaeda for some reason. Perhaps that is why Hitler’ly Clinton admitted that Al Qaeda was “Made in America.” It is also interesting that while the U.S. “Ministry of Information” i.e. “Propaganda Machine” continually tells American’s that we are “Hated for Our Freedom’s” That the “REAL” reason is because now for over a decade we have been blowing the hell out of the Muslim World under the premise that all Muslim’s are Terrorist’s.

I would like to say also, I loved the message of what Dr. Ron Paul has stood for. He’s a good man that values life He not only values life, but values everyone’s FREEDOMS too. There is a saying that can be quoted as, “There is great Wisdom at the feet of an Elderly man.” But this is not about Doctor Ron Paul, No… This is about another Doctor in the house.

So who is this “Other” Doctor?

Bashar Hafez Al-Assad graduated from the medical school of the University of Damascus in 1988, and started to work as a physician in the army. Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital, in London, specializing in ophthalmology. In 1994, after his elder brother Bassel, the heir apparent to their father, was killed in a car crash, Bashar was hastily recalled to Syria to take over Bassel’s role. He entered the military academy and in 1998, Al-Assad took charge of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. In December 2000, Assad married Asma Assad, née Akhras. Source: Read more

That “Evil Dictator” as he is called by the WEST.

They also called Saddam, Gaddafi and yes… even Iran’s Ahmadinejad a dictator. Strangely they omit Barack Obama but that falls under tyranny as he is one who rules by Executive Orders by-passing Congress which is/should be the voice of the People or “We the People”. Though one could also list tyrant’s too. Benny Netenyahu.

Al-Assad was elected as President of Syria in 2000 and 2007, unopposed each time. Wow, He was “Elected: and “Unopposed” each time. I assume this means that the PEOPLE Elected him in what has been known as [DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED] Yet this term democratic has a different meaning to the WEST’S Imperial Agenda as the United States has for decades been behind the assassinations and/or propping up of harsh dictators in many lands that who’s government’s the U.S. has covertly brought down.

This is mainly for “Big Business” so that Coke or Pepsi can sell to the Slaves and the IMF through massive loans will create DEBT! Also why you can buy a pair of NIKE Shoes for $100.00 dollars, Slave Labor only pays the person who made them $.047 Cent’s. This is the plan they have for Syria. Take it over and like Libya, The Whooshing sound of the IMF will again suck the life and economy out of that State. Like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries invaded by the “Coalition of the Murderers” None of these Nation’s have been rebuilt. U.S. Businesses have along with Propped Up “New West Regime’s” have siphoned the money sent to line the pocket’s of corrupt leaders and Puppet’s.

A BBC investigation estimates that around $23bn (£11.75bn) may have been lost, stolen or just not properly accounted for in Iraq. The BBC’s Panorama programme has used US and Iraqi government sources to research how much some private contractors have profited from the conflict and rebuilding. A US gagging order is preventing discussion of the allegations. The order applies to 70 court cases against some of the top US companies. Read More

Reminds a person of the 2.3 Trillion Dollars the PentaCON lost too.

The Pentagon paid hundreds of billions of dollars to defense contractors engaged in criminal or civil fraud — in some cases paying the companies after they were convicted, according to a new Defense Department report.
At least 91 contractors holding contracts worth $270 billion were the subjects of civil fraud judgments — and in some cases criminal fraud convictions as well, many of which resulted in fines, suspensions or debarments. Even so, Defense Department contracting officers still assigned $4.9 billion worth of work with these companies after the fraudwas uncovered, the report said.Read more

Well, Lets get back to Syria. But first the continued sponging of US Tax Payers dollars to fund, arm and supply Al Qaeda-Rebel’s with million’s of U.S. Dollars. But I need to add one more thing first. Like Libya and Syria these governments are claimed to have been putting down their “Citizen’s” who are protesting. Whether it is due to “Arab Spring’s” across the Middle East or the “Ten’s of Thousands in Greece and Spain” hit with Austerity which by the way… Is “Coming to America” But not lead by Eddie Murphy.

So is it right that Syria, Egypt, Greece, Spain and others put down the protesters and sometimes with Police Violence?

Example: Violent clashes erupt as Madrid cops squelch austerity protest.

Below is a scene from Oakland Protests, Does it look like a Protest in Syria? It did, But then something changed. Like here in America, a few got violent while protesting and the Police put it down. But then there was peaceful protest where the Police when over board. They damn near went into the “Kill Mode” as Protesters were arrested numbering into the hundreds. All one has to do is move while a Cop is Jack-Booting you and it is “Resisting Arrest” then 10 Cop’s will pounce on you. Many Occupiers where injured in that way.Image


In Syria, When their Law Enforcement took actions against their Civilian’s the first thing to happen was the U.S. started sending in the CLOWN’S. Or in this case… MURDERERS! The White House is always saying, Assad’s forces are killing their own Citizen’s and as a matter of Humanitarian Aid the U.S., NATO, TURKEY and others started sending in Rebel’s mixed with Al Qaeda. Chiefly financed by the Saudi’s but now the U.S is sending in money directly. Today Hitler’ly Clinton offered to send more Tax Dollars to aid these Rebel’s. $45,000,000 Million More.

Actual Headlines:

US Arms for Al Qaeda in Syria seized in Lebanon.
US and Al Qaeda in full agreement on Syria.
US say’s it can use Al Qaeda in Syria temporarily.
CIA sending Arms to Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.
Al Qaeda joins the Syrian Rebel’s.
Adopt a Syrian Rebel. Yes, You too for a $1.00 a day.

Now the sad part of this blog. I have a “Very Graphic” video of what this U.S. Support in BUYING in the support of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) i.e. Rebel’s/Al Qaeda. Again, If you want to watch it I warn that there is Graphic Content within the video. Civilian’s pushed out of Windows, Thrown off of roofs to land on concrete. Civilian’s shot in their heads and then 4-5 FSA members empty their U.S. Supplied ARMS (AK-47’s) into Farmers and just normal people that were walking down the road.


While the U.S. Government spreads it’s Alleged Democracy across the Arab World, We as Citizen’s can see the flip-side of our Freedom here allowing ones to protest under the 1st Amendment that it is a right to be able to Petition your government and air your grievances as “Hundreds are locked up, many beaten and access to Park’s closed that tax payers should by all means have a right to be in.

With Austerity sweeping the European Countries and their currency failed, Austerity in the 50% range dissolving social service and pensions, That drip across the “pond’s” Ripple is going to hit the United States like the Tsunami hit Japan. This Government is preparing for it too. Armed to the Teeth.

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